Here Comes The New, Improved Upjohn

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Mich., and saw Upjohn produce many strong products--while never seeming to get the business right ("How Fred Hassan rescued Pharmacia & Upjohn," The Corporation, Apr. 26). Its outstanding innovation and product strength have been enough to enable the company to survive a mess of management upheavals and even a rocky merger. Imagine what this dumb workhorse will be capable of achieving with the benefit of smart marketing and business strategies, which up until now have hardly been implemented at all.

Upjohn's fresh marketing ideas are working, and its management is finally striking some key deals. As the strong supply of new drugs in the pipeline enters the market in a few years, they'll be poised to create a wave bigger than most people are expecting. As for a takeover, someone had better act, posthaste, because this one is going to be too big to swallow pretty soon.

Michael Ozzie Zehner