At&T: What Victory Means

It can now offer 60 million homes phone, cable, or Net access

The truce between AT&T Corp. and Comcast Corp. in their bidding war for MediaOne Group started with a phone call on the afternoon of Sunday, May 2. Leo J. Hindery, former president of Tele-Communications Inc. and now the top AT&T cable exec, dialed up Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. Hindery, who has known Roberts for 14 years, says he had no doubt that he would get through: "He carries the cell phone into the bathroom." Sure enough, Roberts was at home with his family. The previous evening, MediaOne's board had agreed to accept the AT&T bid, but Comcast still had until May 6 to counter. Hindery suggested that he and Roberts meet in New York to work out a compromise.

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