Malaysia Knows Its Way Around High Tech

The cover page of "Mahathir's high-tech folly" (Asian Edition Cover Story, Mar. 22) is sensationally misleading. It belittles the Malaysian leadership as well as undermines the credibility of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). The article is slanted and sparse on the facts on the achievements made by the Multimedia Development Corp. in attracting investments. Considering that we started accepting applications only at the beginning of 1997, I think Prime Minister Mahathir has far from failed to attract high-tech companies. The MSC aimed to attract only 50 world-class companies by the year 2003. Getting 29 by March, 1999, is a great achievement by any standard. And the number of companies in operation increased from 94 in 1997 to 139 in March of this year. The ranks of knowledge workers grew from 2,993 to 9,916.

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