Emachines: Fast, Cheap, And Ahead Of The Pack

emachines' sub-$600 computers are flying off the shelves

Why are personal-computer stocks getting pummeled? Janet Hassan may be partly to blame. For years, she longed for a new personal computer to replace her five-year-old clunker--but memories of its $1,600 price tag kept her from looking. "That's a lot of money to me, since I consider it a luxury to have a PC at home," says the single mother of two in Baldwin, N.Y. But then she saw an online ad for emachines Inc., whose priciest PC sells for $599. Days later, she gave in to temptation. "I just love it--and at those prices, how could I say no?" says Hassan, who picked up a 300 MHz PC along with speakers, printer, and 17-inch monitor for just $815.

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