Editor's Memo: Untangling The Web

Electronic business is perhaps the most sweeping transformation of the corporate landscape in decades. Whether it means hanging a shingle out on the Web or reshaping every nook and cranny of a company to tap into the power of the Internet, the E-business revolution is upon us. And little will stay the same.

This is uncharted territory, so expect trip-ups as well as triumphs. To help you find your way, BUSINESS WEEK is devoting a quarterly supplement to the big issues and trends--how to profit, how to avoid the pitfalls, and who the people are behind it. For our debut issue, the BUSINESS WEEK team interviewed more than 275 experts on the front lines of E-business. The result is a Top 10 Must-dos for any CEO--or CEO wannabe--who wants to thrive in the Internet Era.

In later quarterly supplements, we will be more varied. While keeping a broad perspective, we will also drill down into how specific parts of companies can remake themselves. We will show how a department can speed product development, cut costs, improve relationships with customers, and become more creative all the while. And, to give a daily helping hand, we're inaugurating a new BUSINESS WEEK e.biz Web site (ebiz.businessweek.com) with extra stories, columnists, data, and insights. Read it--and leap. This is an amazing time. Adrian Slywotzky of Mercer Management Consulting says that grasping the full import of the Net is "like using infrared-vision goggles on a cloudy, moonless night." So take a good look.

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