Taking It Off On The Web Pounds, That Is

HERE'S ONE NOVEL WAY to make your health-care site stand out on the World Wide Web: Put some of its content on a diet. On Jan. 25, Healthshop.com, an online natural-health-food store, began Webcasting a 29-year-old woman's daily struggle to get in shape prior to her wedding, which is scheduled for April. Three cameras--one in her kitchen, one in her home workout room, and one at her workplace--monitor her progress 24 hours a day.

Healthshop.com, a San Francisco startup, says the stunt is a good way to stand out against online competitors and lure people to sample the site's vitamin products and diet and exercise planners. And the bride-to-be? Using the site's customized health-care evaluation, she has already restocked her refrigerator with fresh vegetables, tofu, and other soy-based food items and has started a new workout routine that includes three days of jogging and two days of yoga a week. So, the old-fashioned advertising testimonial goes digital--and live.