Gen X Ers Say The Darndest Things

PUT FOUR TWENTYSOME-THINGS INTO A ROOM and let them chat about love and sex in the '90s, and what do you get? A Valentine's Day cyberevent. Except this may be closer to Jerry Springer than a Hallmark TV special.

CyberLove--one of the longest-running Internet talk shows (found on"explores the numerous protocols, anguishes, eccentricities, depths, and apotheoses of love, dating, and commitment in today's world," says Carla Cole, the show's 24-year-old moderator. And for Valentine's Day, Cole and her regular panelists (an architect, a "professional feminist," and an out-of-work actor) are cooking up a special show--they just can't agree on what it will be yet. Still, if past shows are any indication, it could be bizarre.

One recent show highlighted the guest appearance of "Baby Mako," a man who likes to dress like a toddler. Other topics the show has covered include the dos and don'ts of cross-dressing, sex with old flames, and whether people would die for love--literally, by making suicide pacts. Explains Cole: "Mainstream media try to glitz and glam everything, but reality is far more interesting." Maybe too interesting for most tastes.

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