The Best Products Of 1998


Glorious television pictures. Portable phones that operate anywhere in the world. Artificial skin for treating patients suffering from leg ulcers. Whether it's Pfizer's impotence pill Viagra or Nintendo's video game smash The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the two dozen entries on BUSINESS WEEK's 1998 Best Products list share creativity and pizzazz. Be they lightweight computers, clever toys, or medical marvels, the products touch every part of our daily lives. Shave with a triple-bladed razor or brush your teeth with toothpaste that never quits. Then hit the road in a take-no-prisoners motorcycle or a VW Bug that wraps '60s nostalgia in a '90s package. Better yet, let someone else take the wheel while you read an electronic book, watch a movie on a portable DVD player, shoot video pictures with a palmsize camcorder, or take notes on an electronic message pad.

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