Must See Tv For Left Handed Men Under 30

ABC, CBS, and NBC are increasingly watched by niche viewers

Two years back, Jag was a ratings dud for NBC. Today, the slick military drama is a hit on CBS, ranking among Nielsen Media Research Inc.'s top 20 and battling with ABC's Home Improvement for the Tuesday-night ratings crown. Why the turnaround? Perhaps it's because Home Improvement is getting long in the tooth. But more important, Jag never caught on with the upscale NBC viewer, who tends to live in a big city and on average is 40 years old. The show struck a chord with CBS viewers, though, who are mostly older and more rural. Indeed, fully 60% of current Jag-watchers are over 50, but only 30% of viewers were that old when the show aired on the Peacock Network.

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