Sega: `We're Going To Blow Them Out Of The Water'

But will its new game console really threaten Sony and Nintendo?

Shoichiro Irimajiri, president of game maker Sega Enterprises Ltd., thrives on risk. When he was at Honda Motor Co., he led the development of a revolutionary passenger car and later helped spearhead the charge into the U.S. Now, Irimajiri is making his biggest gamble, with the Nov. 27 Japanese launch of Dreamcast, Sega's new video game console. It's a cool machine, but it pits Sega against Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co., the gameland titans that turned Sega's Saturn console into an also-ran. Yet in assessing the odds, Irimajiri sounds as cocky as Sonic the Hedgehog, the Sega character who will continue his death-defying stunts in Dreamcast games. "I'm personally not used to losing fights," he says. "We're not really going to compete with Sony or Nintendo. We're going to blow them out of the water."

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