The Music Business Isn't Out To Thwart Technology

Contrary to the assessment in "Target pirates--not technology" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Nov. 2), the Recording Industry Assn.'s suit against Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. is about advancing technology, not thwarting it. To make the Internet a winning proposition for all parties--information-technology and consumer-electronics industries, fans, and artists--we must work together to protect copyrighted music against unauthorized uses. This legal action is not about targeting technology as the demon. It is about raising awareness of rampant Internet piracy.

The RIAA's energies are focused on strategies to make digital music a winning proposition for everyone. Litigation is only one of those strategies; education, legislation, enforcement, and technological solutions are a few of the others.

Every RIAA strategy supports one goal: ensuring greater access to a broader depth of quality music on the Internet. Rather than feel threatened by the changes that come with technological advancement, the recording industry welcomes the role of progress. Indeed, technology has changed the way consumers interact with the music they love. However, it's our mission to ensure that those changes are positive--creatively and commercially.

Hilary Rosen

President and CEO

Recording Industry Assn.