Onward At Bw Online

Have you visited BUSINESS WEEK Online lately? If not, you might be surprised by how much you're missing. Every week, we publish the entire magazine (available only to subscribers), including additional stories from our Asian, European, and Latin American editions. We also add original online-only stories and often provide more in-depth versions of stories, Q&As, and tables that appear in the magazine. Check out last week's online version of the Technology Buying Guide, which features extra stories about high-speed Internet links, tough laptops built to take a beating, and other online originals.

We're lucky, of course, to be able to improve our online magazine by building on the strengths of the printed one. For example, BUSINESS WEEK draws on its expertise in legal affairs and information technology to provide analysis of Justice vs. Microsoft Corp. We offer daily coverage of the trial on the Web site. And in conjunction with Court TV, our partner in this project, we have made available many trial documents, as well as video, available on demand, of Court TV's weekly show, Microsoft on Trial.

Powerful companies aren't the only ones that we're tracking online. We're keeping a sharp eye on small business, too. In BUSINESS WEEK's Enterprise Online area, expanded and redesigned last summer, small-business owners and entrepreneurs can find the news, analysis, advice, and tools they need. Updated every business day, Enterprise Online is also interactive. Need help with a business problem? E-mail your question to Ask Enterprise at editors@businessweekmail.com.

We also have a big welcome mat out for business school students. Based on one of the magazine's most eagerly awaited issues, BW Online's Best Business Schools area takes full advantage of cyberspace. We provide a deep reservoir of information on the top-ranked 25 schools, plus similar data on an additional 187 schools. Prospective MBA students can find much of what they need to make a wise choice of programs by reading our exclusive interviews with B-school admissions directors and job placement officers. You can also do an interactive search for the MBA program that best suits you and then apply online, thanks to a feature we provide with partner CollegeEdge.com, a college and grad school information service.

And if you're a subscriber to America Online, you'll find plenty on our site there as well, starting with a new look (keyword: BW). In the past few weeks, we have launched a redesign aimed at making it easier and faster for you to get the information you need. Our new screens are crisp and pleasing to read, and our site navigation is clearer and more consistent. Our live conference program now features an investing chat every Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. (EST) with expert analysts from Standard & Poor's--like BUSINESS WEEK, a unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

If you're a subscriber to the print magazine, all you need to do is register at the Web site at www.businessweek.com, and all this is yours free. If you're not a subscriber, you can still enjoy much of BUSINESS WEEK Online. Come visit the site, and join the party.

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