A Quick Fumigator For The Millennium Bug

WITH MORE THAN 70% OF COMPANIES saying their PCs may not be able to read dates after Dec. 31, 1999, one Atlanta-based company thinks it has a quick fix: a software tool that can ready any IBM-compatible desktop or laptop for 2000--in seconds flat.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe so, but About Time Group Inc. says its new PCfix 2000 Y2K software program, out on Nov. 16, will immunize machines from the dreaded Millennium Bug--or your money back.

How does it work? As your PC is booting up, PCfix 2000 intercepts any wrong times and dates sent by your PC's time-clock chip, corrects them, and then sends the fixed data to the operating system. "Each time you boot your machine, this interception of the date and updating occurs," says Mike Johnston, About Time Group's technical director.

He says a Y2K repair team can implement PCfix 2000 in less than five seconds per computer. Consumers can download the fix--which costs $94.95 per machine--from the company's Web site, www.pcfix2000.com. The company says the product is scheduled to hit retail stores early next year.

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