When Www Stands For Wild Weird Witches

WHAT WOULD HALLOWEEN BE WITHOUT GHOSTS, goblins, haunted houses, and the World Wide Web. The Web? In this new age of Internet-everything, if you're up for a fright, then check out www. HauntedHouse.org.

Mythic Visions Inc., which bills itself as the world's largest horror and special-effects catalog, has come up with an extra treat this Halloween. The Great American Haunted House List is a state-by-state directory of spooky houses across the nation. Don't expect an actual haunting. This is strictly pay-as-you-go fun. The Web site has over 200 attractions listed, with a description of the place, hours, telephone numbers, and fees. The site is free, and so are the listings. (If you have a place you want listed, send the details to ghost@horror.net.)

So what's particularly hair-raising this year? Mythic Visions lists a "haunted" firehouse in Oyster Bay, N.Y., a ghoulish plantation tour in the Deep South, haunted hayrides, and a scary steamboat in Pittsburgh. But the one that could send shivers up your spine: the Death Row Haunted Prison, an abandoned correctional facility in Nashville. Watch out for the chair with the arm restraints. Boo!

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