Microsoft On Trial: An Invitation

We're calling it "the best legal show in town." On Oct. 19, in Washington, D.C., opening arguments in U.S. vs. Microsoft are scheduled to begin. The most important business case in decades, it is certain to set the rules for competition in the Information Age.

We plan to keep you on top of the landmark antitrust case with news and analysis in the magazine. In addition, BUSINESS WEEK is joining with Court TV, the 24-hour cable-TV network. We'll supply daily trial reports on the World Wide Web as well as regular updates on Court TV. We will also co-produce Microsoft on Trial, a program anchored by Court TV's June Grasso, shown every Thursday evening at 7 p.m., while the trial lasts.

A panel of BUSINESS WEEK reporters will lead the effort, including Susan B. Garland, who covers the Justice Dept., Legal Affairs Editor Mike France, Software Editor Amy Cortese, and Steve Hamm, who reports on Microsoft from Silicon Valley. "I've never seen people get so emotional over a business issue," says Garland, who will be at the trial daily. "It's about a business that has become a symbol of American success." For ongoing coverage, go to or We don't want you to miss a minute of it.

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