Speed The Web

Are slow-loading Web pages bogging down your business? Now there's software that lets multiple modems and phone lines work as one, speeding transmission without the cost of additional high-speed lines. Newly launched FatPipe 3.0 merges four telephone lines or two integrated service digital network (ISDN) lines into a single high-speed Net link that up to 50 users can access through a local-area network. The office version is $299. The home version, which supports five users but lacks some features, is $49 (Ragula Systems Inc., 801 281-3434). Also consider Shotgun from Diamond Multimedia (800 468-5846) or MidPoint Teamer from Boca Research Inc. (561 997-6227). Both combine two modems/phone lines to double transmission speed. Either program is free with a modem from Boca or Diamond (about $140), but Internet service providers may charge extra to support the service.

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