Now It's Your Web

The Net is moving toward one-to-one marketing--and that will change how all companies do business

Soon after Jeri Capozzi logged onto the online nursery Garden Escape Inc. last winter, she was hooked. And it wasn't just because the World Wide Web site offered unusual plants, such as hyacinth beans, firecracker, and dog's tooth violet. It's because Garden Escape created a personal store just for her. Greeted by name on her personal page when she visits, Capozzi can take notes on a private online notepad, tinker with garden plans using the site's interactive design program, and get answers from the Garden Doctor. So far, the 41-year-old insurance caseworker from Litchfield, Conn., has spent $600 at Garden Escape and has no plans to shop at any other nursery. With service that personal, she says, "I probably will never leave it."

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