"Half A Loaf At Blimpie"

"Half a Loaf at Blimpie" (The Corporation, Aug. 10) incorrectly described licensing agreements covering the Blimpie trademark. Blimpie International Inc. leased international rights to the Blimpie name in 1995 from Chief Executive Anthony P. Conza and Chief Operating Officer David L. Siegel, in advance of a $10 million stock offering by Blimpie International. That trademark arrangement was separate from an agreement by Blimpie International four years earlier to buy international rights to the Blimpie name from a smaller Blimpie company.

The story also should have noted that in 1976, ownership of the original Blimpie entity was split 60% for Conza and Siegel and 40% for Peter DeCarlo, not in half between Conza and DeCarlo, as stated.

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