Germany: Is This Schroder's Moment?

A Socialist may take the reins at a turning point for Germany--and Europe

By the time the candidate arrives just after 5 on this dank Friday evening in Frankfurt, a cold rain is falling. But the crowd gathered to rally for Gerhard Schroder, the Socialist who aims to oust Helmut Kohl as Germany's Chancellor, is unfazed. As Schroder pushes onto the stage, his craggy features glowing in the spotlights, the applause is wild. Never mind that his speech is little more than slogans about "modernizing" the economy and ensuring "fairness" for Working people. The crowd loves it. "The Socialists will taKe from the rich so that everyone can live," says Svenja Haeder, 18, a high-schooler who came in from the suburbs with her parents to cheer Schroder. "That's fair. Everyone should be safe."

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