A Promising Year On The Tube

Last summer, BUSINESS WEEK began an association with This Week in Business, a half-hour show produced by WETA-TV in Washington. This Public Broadcasting Service station also produces Washington Week in Review and The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Marking its first anniversary this week, This Week in Business looks back on an eventful year, featuring a string of jaw-dropping mergers, the Asian financial crisis, a remarkably durable U.S. economy, and a resilient stock market.

Hosted by longtime newspaper and TV business journalist Sheilah Kast, TWIB's stock in trade is lively, informed analysis--just what our readers have come to expect. Panelists are drawn from editors and bureau staffers at BUSINESS WEEK and other publications, as well as industry executives and analysts. "The show's discussions are always smart and insightful," says BUSINESS WEEK Senior Editor William Glasgall, a frequent guest. "These are people on the front lines of their fields, whether it's the NBA or the IMF."

Nearly a year into our partnership with WETA, we're proud to have played a role in what has become the sharpest half-hour of business commentary on TV. TWIB's prospects seem bright. From its pilot launch in six U.S. cities last July, the program is now seen on more than 100 PBS affiliates across the country. That fast start has landed the show its first national underwriter, transport company Roadway Express. If you're a regular viewer, thanks for tuning in. If not, I urge you to give TWIB a try.