Tina Brown's New Look: Mouse Ears

Last October, during The New Yorker's "Next" conference--a brainfest on the future held at the Disney Institute in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. --some moguls and pundits in attendance were surprised to see how chummy New Yorker editor Tina Brown was with Walt Disney CEO Michael Eisner. They wondered no more on July 8, when Brown and fellow Conde Nast executive Ronald Galotti left for the House of Mouse.

Brown, Galotti, and Disney's Miramax Films will be equity partners in a venture that will publish a magazine whose articles will become the basis for movies, TV shows, and books, says Miramax chairman Harvey Weinstein. Brown will be chairman and Galotti president of the still-unnamed business.

It's quite a departure from the prestigious but loss-making New Yorker. But Brown's move is only mildly surprising, given recent management turmoil. In a statement, she said the move was "no reflection on my wonderful experiences at Conde Nast." Rather, she wanted "to expand our vision into other media"--a Disney vision for sure.

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