Asian Stars Counted And Missed

What a delight, at a time when everyone else is saying that our leaders are dunderheads or worse, to see your report on "The stars of Asia" (Special Report, June 29). With your usual crisp authority, you have chronicled the depth of talent and vision that exists in every market in this part of the world. For every Suharto there is a Zhu or a You Jong Kuen or an Idei-san.

I hope your non-Asian readers got this report, too. All business leaders need to know who these men and women are: They'll be competing with them soon. Congratulations to all involved in an impressive demonstration of depth in Asia.

Robin V. Sears


Korn/Ferry International

Hong Kong

While I am not qualified to voice much of an opinion on most of your choices of stars, I think you have, in one particular instance, picked the wrong person. There is little doubt that the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) has been a major shaper of public opinion and policy in Malaysia for nearly three decades, so it deserves being selected for your special feature. With all due respect, the representative of CAP that you chose, Meenakshi Raman, is a relatively new addition. Her contribution to the overall achievement of CAP is still small at this point.

The accolade should rightly go to Mohamed Idris, founder and president of CAP, who has waged a fearless and tireless battle against infringements on the consumer's interests and rights. For his effort and sacrifice, he has earned nothing but the ire and opprobrium of those he has fought against, including many in the highest levels of the Malaysian government. He is truly rare in a society where materialism and self-interest predominate.

Neoh Soon Kean

Penang, Malaysia