What Office Desktop Users Really Want

ARE CORPORATIONS TRULY INTERESTED IN LOW-COST COMPUTERS? Is network computing eating into sales of PCs? Are Windows NT adoption rates for real or just marketing hype? Yes, no, and yes, say 300 purchasing execs surveyed by researcher International Data Corp.

The survey showed network computing isn't taking over the desktop and sending traditional PCs to an early retirement, says IDC. Instead, respondents favored the industrial-strength Windows NT on servers and PCs rather than slimmed-down network computers. Half of all respondents also said desktops under $1,000 were appealing.

Among other findings: Digital videodisk adoption shows little growth because of software limitations. And only 10% of those surveyed expect to purchase desktops with videoconferencing. "Corporate users want reasonably--but not excessively--powerful processors, a pretty heavy memory load, and a fair amount of disk space," says Roger Kay, IDC senior analyst for personal systems.

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