Politics Is The Problem. What's The Solution?

BUSINESS WEEK, its readers, and Robert Kuttner are ignoring something very important ("Left-of-center capitalists, unite," Economic Viewpoint, June 22). You are looking at the minuscule variations and varieties of controlling individual life and property through the political process. Politics has not solved one of man's problems since we knew there were societal problems. And it cannot, because the control of the lives and property of others attempts to circumvent the laws of nature. It has never worked and never will.

Politics--a system based on coercion--is the source of our societal problems, not part of the solution. Until this is learned, mankind is doomed to endless repetition of societal disasters. Which, as any casual observer should see, are becoming ever more endemic and intractable. Anyone interested in the solution?

William W. Morgan

Bromley, England

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