The Hot Magazine In High Tech

The high quality of BUSINESS WEEK's technology coverage is well-known. We devote more people and pages to high tech than any other magazine this side of the computer books. And we earn more editorial awards.

This year, we have won two high honors in the Computer Press Awards, administered by the Computer Press Assn. and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. No other general business magazine was even a finalist.

In the general-interest-publication category, BUSINESS WEEK won on the basis of three cover stories: "The New Business Cycle," an analysis of how information technology drives the economy; "Silicon Valley," our summer double issue on the dynamic region that has become synonymous with innovation and information technology; and "The Digital Frontier." This last piece, a look inside the top computer labs, also won for best individual feature.

Other journalism awards have honored "The Biotech Century," a cover story quickly following the announcement that scientists in Scotland had cloned a sheep. The story earned the Deadline Club Award for best magazine news reporting, presented by the New York City Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. It also won a print journalism award from the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

As always, the real winner is you, the reader.