A Nuclear Double Standard? It's Par For The Course

In "Washington has a nuclear double standard" (Readers Report, June 15), Buddhadev Mukherjee suggests that we "should take a serious look into India's security concerns." Sounds good. But why stop at India? Take a serious look into Cuba's security concerns. And let's not forget Israel, North and South Korea, Iran, and Iraq. The list goes on. Is there any country on earth whose "security concerns" do not justify owning nuclear weapons? I see none. Had it had a single standard, the U.S. would have either welcomed other countries to join the club or demolished its nuclear arsenal.

The U.S. did not single out India to apply its nuclear double standard to. In fact, one could argue that India was relatively well treated. Just imagine what Washington would do if Iraq exploded an A-bomb. The point is, politics is not about justice and fairness; national interest always takes the front seat. Power counts. Money talks. And only five countries have the right to veto in the U.N. Security Council. That is the world we live in.

Huayong Yang

Somerville, Mass.