Korea's You Jong Keun

He's an outspoken critic of Korea Inc. That's why President Kim Dae Jung picked You Jong Keun, the 52-year-old governor of North Cholla Province, to spearhead his efforts to fix the Korean economy. It's You who has persuaded Kim to embrace the painful reforms required by the International Monetary Fund.

You also has a quirky side. During last year's presidential campaign, he organized a teleconference on Korea, featuring Kim, U.S. pop idol Michael Jackson, financier George Soros, and former U.S. trade representative Mickey Kantor. Weird, but Kim's attacks on the government's policy failures got wide attention. You now wants to cut bureaucracy, pressure the chaebol to restructure, and encourage foreign investment. Says You, "We must and will restore confidence by promoting openness and transparency." Is the rest of Asia listening?

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