Hong Kong's Albert Cheung

In these days of Hong Kong's discontent, no one gives greater voice to the city's grumbling hoi polloi than Albert Cheung. This onetime businessman, publisher, and '60s radical hosts the most popular radio talk show in Hong Kong, Tempest in a Storm, which went on the air in 1995.

Whether he's ranting against Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa's government, which he calls "helpless," or putting down "very stupid" new education policies, Cheung clearly relishes sticking it to the Establishment.

Cheung, 51, hardly looks the part of a rabble-rouser. With his elegant, double-breasted suits and horn-rimmed glasses, he fits in easily at the exclusive Hong Kong Club, where he is a member. With the change of sovereignty, Cheung isn't toning down his criticism to suit Hong Kong's new overlords. But he knows they are listening closely. "I've created a lot of jobs in the government," he boasts. "They monitor me every morning."

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