Argentina: Will Ypf Be The `Oil Company Of The Americas'?

CEO Monti plans to take YPF way beyond its borders

Roberto Monti, the new chairman and chief executive of Argentine oil company YPF, is a stickler. The veteran oil exec, back home after 34 years of globe-trotting, is dissecting Argentina's biggest company into its smallest business units, even down to individual oil wells and gas stations, to track the sources of YPF's profits. The losers will go, and the winners will get new investment. "I know 60 different countries, and I know the oil patch extremely well," says Monti, who spent most of his career with oil-field-services giant Schlumberger Ltd. "And I know where to put money and where not to put it." It's part of an ambitious approach that makes Monti "clearly one of the most proactive CEOs in the entire oil industry," says Lloyd Byrne, an energy analyst with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in New York.

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