Don't Look For Scapegoats At Netscape

Making Marc Andreessen the scapegoat won't fix Netscape Communications Corp. ("The education of Marc Andreessen," Cover Story, Apr. 13). Netscape did not falter due to lack of technical leadership, and no amount of technology vision will fix its current problems. The challenges the company failed to live up to were fundamental marketing and business issues.

Netscape missed revenue targets because it failed to understand marketing, its competitors, and its customers. It missed product-development schedules because it tried to compete in too many markets and too many businesses. The answer is not delivering more and more quicker and quicker. The answer for Netscape is delivering less better and faster. Netscape should shed its Netcenter business, not invest in it; win the Web-server battle, not settle for being a bit player; and lead the E-commerce revolution, not follow it.

Nina Burns

President and Chief Executive

Creative Networks

Palo Alto, Calif.

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