Uncle Sam Wants You To Have A Retirement Plan

Only 20% of companies with fewer than 100 employees offer retirement plans--and that's something Washington wants to change. Two new legislative proposals would give small-businesses tax credits of up to $4,000 over three years to help set up a plan and educate employees about it. Meanwhile, on Mar. 23, the IRS eased rules in its "voluntary correction" programs, which allow companies to find and fix administrative mistakes that would otherwise disqualify their pension plans from tax benefits. Previously, an employer who stepped forward could be liable for up to 40% of all the payroll tax on plan contributions. Now, such payments are limited to $500 to $4,000, depending on circumstances. Also, the time period for self-correction was doubled to two years. Visit www.benefitslink.com for easy-to-find info on pensions and other benefits.

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