The Clock Is Ticking At Casio

A cool watch lifts its stock, but a new hit is vital

If you live anywhere in the developed world and have children 9 years of age or older, you have either heard of the G-Shock digital watch--or you are about to. The G-Shock--the G stands for gravity--keeps working even after being dropped from a skyscraper window, thrown against a wall, or worn by a diver hundreds of feet underwater. But what really matters is, it looks cool. It comes in colors such as hot pink and lollipop yellow, and it has that bulked-up, chunky look that goes well with a skateboard and stands out nicely on the thin wrist of a teenage girl. And it runs between $100 and $240--expensive enough to earn retailers big profits, but still within reach of millions of middle-class kids worldwide. Some 19 million G-Shock watches have been sold.

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