How Big Are France's Losses To Silicon Valley?

I agree with Eric Di Benedetto regarding the lack of entrepreneurial opportunities available in France. Those talented individuals who are willing to take risks and capitalize on their intellect are heading abroad to more promising places such as Silicon Valley.

This is a trend in many countries, especially in France. As France was anxious to satisfy the requirements of the Maastricht Treaty for the euro, it is struggling with a 24% youth unemployment rate. As a result, corporate jobs no longer offer security, and these individuals are prepared to make things happen for themselves.

As you point out, the French government is optimistic about this trend. It believes this will create a globally savvy generation of French business executives. As France prepares for the euro in January, 1999, it hopes [the change] will bring prosperous economic opportunities. If so, I believe that one day these talented and experienced entrepreneurs will return to contribute to their own economy.

Jignesh Sagar

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

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