Unhappy Meals At Mc Donald's

From 1956-62, I lived in the U.S. and loved milk, hot dogs, and Mighty Mo's (a kind of Big Mac made by Hot Shoppe, which surely inspired [McDonald's founder] Ray Kroc). In 1972, caught by a blizzard in Pittsburgh, all I could get to eat was Hilton's restaurant food or McDonald's fare ("McDonald's: Can it regain its golden touch?" Corporation, Mar. 9). I loved Big Macs and McDonald's fries at first bite. At that time, they were juicy and crispy as no others were. After that, I became a McDonald's addict. Now, the burgers and fries are made well in advance, are served cold, and taste like paper.

Just go back to the basics of fast food: Make it as close to delivery time as possible.

Antonio C. Montenegro

Sao Paulo

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