Ups: We Also Cyber Deliver

PACKAGE DELIVERY GIANT UPS is learning to love the Net. On Mar. 4, UPS announced a new service that will zip documents via the Internet in seconds rather than rely on planes, trains, and delivery trucks. Software from Tumbleweed Software and NetDox will ensure that delivery will be secure--unlike E-mail and attachments sent over the Web--when the service goes live in the second quarter, UPS says. The price: $1 to $10, well below UPS's basic $12 document delivery fee. Analysts think 30% of documents will be cyber-delivered by 2000--a shift that would throw the $8 billion document delivery business into decline and give UPS a leg up against industry giant Federal Express. Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service is working on a similar secure E-mail service but has no start date scheduled.

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