Expanding Our Viewpoints

The Economic Viewpoint column plays a special role at BUSINESS WEEK. It is the magazine's podium, where a select group of outside voices speak forth on the issues of the day. Thoughtful, provocative, and sometimes iconoclastic, Viewpoint columns are extremely popular among BUSINESS WEEK readers. With good reason: They provide economic insight into the things that matter most to all of us, from monetary policy and taxes to how fast the economy can grow.

The column deliberately presents a wide range of perspectives that spans the political spectrum. The goal is to let the reader decide which analysis makes the most sense and which columnist "nailed" the controversial issue of the moment.

We are proud to announce the arrival of three new Viewpoint columnists. Laura D'Andrea Tyson is a professor of economics and business administration at the University of California at Berkeley. Her work on trade and U.S. competitiveness in high technology landed her in Washington, where she headed President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers. She then moved on to take the reins at the National Economic Council until 1996. Tyson knows international economics from both theoretical and applied points of view. Her first column posed the question: Do we need the International Monetary Fund (Mar. 9)?

Robert J. Barro, a Harvard University professor of economics, is a seminal thinker in the field. His work on growth, monetary policy, business cycles, and the relationship between democracy and growth is shaping the nation's economics agenda. Barro's ability to relate markets to social issues, such as the role of beauty in business, makes for provocative reading.

Jeffrey E. Garten is dean of the Yale School of Management. Garten was a managing director of the Blackstone Group, a Wall Street investment firm, before becoming Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade. His experience provides keen insight into global management issues critical to Corporate America. His first column: How do global corporations balance profits and social responsibilities (Feb. 9)?

The new columnists will join Gary S. Becker, Robert Kuttner, and Paul Craig Roberts. We don't promise that you will agree with all our Viewpoint columnists. We do think they will draw you into the great conversations of our era.