Calling All 21st Century Adventurers

THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY--bitten by millennium fever--is going all-out to celebrate the end of the century, including taking its show to the Internet. As part of a countdown to 2000, the 110-year-old society will spotlight six issues over the next two years that it says will "shape human destiny" over the next 1,000--including adventure, exploration, population, and, natch, technology.

The Web site,, is planning Year 2000 features such as a February look at a team scaling the Razor, a towering granite blade in eastern Antarctica, and a behind-the-scenes look in September at the shooting of a new film about the mysteries of Egypt.

Among the site's other attractions are electronic forums on a range of topics, including a discussion kicked off in March by Robert Ballard, who helped discover the Titanic wreck, about searching for ships and treasures from the time of Christ in the Mediterranean. The site also will conduct an online population survey. And it plans to offer interactive games and virtual visits, say a walk across the hot coals of a volcano on the island of Montserrat, or prowling the underground villages of prairie dogs via a digital camera. This could make for one of the more adventurous cybercountdowns.

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