Table:...And Giving Back

Perhaps their own sacrifices make small-business owners more responsive to 
      employees' personal needs. In a survey last fall by Wirthlin Worldwide, 58% of 
      400 business owners with sales of $1 million to $3 million said balancing work 
      and family is a major part of their workplace culture. Just 28% of Fortune 1000 
      executives gave a similar response in a Wirthlin poll two years ago. Although 
      they have fewer resources and less flexibility than their corporate brethren, a 
      majority of small-business owners told Wirthlin they manage to offer employees 
      flexible work rules and schedules. A solid minority, however, are more rigid.
      ALREADY                                            WOULD NEVER
        82%   have business casual dressing                  11%
        47%   allow job sharing                              26%
        49%   use temps, part-timers, or consultants         31%
        53%   have compressed workweeks and flextime options 25%
        26%   let workers telecommute                        46%
      Source: Key Corp./Wirthlin Worldwide

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