Keeping Airfares Grounded Without A Lot Of Red Tape

Regarding "Prying open the open skies" (News: Analysis & Commentary, Feb. 9): More regulation? Please, no! Regulation was the hallmark of the years up to the 1980s, and since this burden was lifted, everything from telephones to trucking is more reliable, with more choices at lower cost. We need less regulation and more enforcement of existing antimonopoly laws to give competition a chance.

Try this: Any airline that holds more than 66% of the traffic on a route should be able to change prices and fare categories only once a year on that route. Simple enough. What it means is that Delta, for example, would be locked into its pricing for all fare groups for a full year on the Tampa-Atlanta route, forcing it to either hold a reasonable price or allow a competitor a year to operate without fear of predatory pricing.

J.B. Caswell


Omnia Group Inc.


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