Bigwigs, Big Ideas, Hot Debate, Hillary, And Swell Caviar

The buzz at this year's World Economic Forum

Call them Davos moments. Billionaire speculator George Soros and labor leader John J. Sweeney teaming up to argue that the Asian economic meltdown is really a crisis of global capitalism. Newt Gingrich dancing the night away--with his wife--at the "in" Mexican theme party of the conference following a skillful defense of Congress to a thousand skeptical Europeans. Then there was the high-level French official lambasting a famous U.S. journalist--as the two devoured Russian caviar--for obsessing over President Clinton's sex life. And Hillary Rodham Clinton giving the best speech of her life--ranging from free markets to business support for congressional funding of the International Monetary Fund to civil society to children--without notes or a teleprompter. Finally, a surprise: Bill Gates, the high-tech superstar of last year's World Economic Forum, was subdued.

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