Lebed To Moscow: `I'm Fed Up With The Madhouse'

Alexander Lebed aims to become Russia's next President

The more Boris N. Yeltsin insists he is in rude good health, the more the world wonders who will succeed him. So it has been since Yeltsin returned to duty in mid-January after a six-week rest. No one knows whether the 66-year-old President can complete his term, which runs to 2000. Not surprisingly, the jockeying among would-be successors is mounting. The front-runners include Boris Y. Nemtsov, one of Yeltsin's radical reformers, and Viktor S. Chernomyrdin, the conservative Prime Minister. Then there is the gruff soldier-turned-politician who, only a year ago, seemed destined for a starring role in Russian politics: retired General Alexander I. Lebed.

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