Inhale, Don't Inject

A new delivery system for drugs holds huge promise

Brandy M. Hacker, a 25-year-old medical worker in Converse, Tex., was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 7. A year ago, she had to give herself four shots of insulin a day to keep the disease at bay. But for the past 12 months, she has been part of a clinical trial of a device made by Inhale Therapeutic Systems that lets her breathe in the insulin she needs before each meal--cutting down her needle time to once a day, right before bed. "I love it," she says of the inhaler. "I can feel the insulin reacting a lot faster, and it's a lot easier to take out before meals than a needle." Other diabetics are "amazed, completely amazed" when she tells them about it, and Hacker says she regularly hands out information on how to get in on the trial.

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