Now, You Can Dial Up Your Office E Mail

IT'S A PERPETUAL DILEMMA for executives on the road: You want to see E-mail from your office, but you don't want to lug around a laptop. As of Nov. 1, Atlanta-based TWS Inc. is offering a solution. It's a new service, called bulletIN, that lets you get your corporate E-mail on a digital wireless phone.

Here's how it works: TWS's proprietary communications software is installed at a wireless operator's gateway, which is the entrance to the wireless network. Once given the location of your corporate server, the software can pick up copies of E-mail sent to you in the office and forward them to your phone. You can read the first 20 words or so of the message on the phone's small screen. If you like, you can forward the E-mail over the wireless network to any nearby fax machine and print out the entire message. "It's designed to make life on the road for executives simpler," says David Lasier, president and CEO of TWS. BellSouth is charging wireless customers $4.95 a month for the service. The price may vary as TWS signs up other wireless phone companies.

The service doesn't require users to get a new phone. You do, however, need the new digital wireless service called personal communications services (PCS), and not the older analog cellular service.

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