More Coverage Of Africa, Please

I am a regular reader of BUSINESS WEEK, and I appreciate your treatment of business news and company strategies. Your country coverage of the Americas, Europe, and Asia is very good. I would like to say the same for your coverage of Africa, but I cannot.

Your Africa is South Africa, and only bad news seems to come from there. Take "Cry, the crime-ridden country" (Letter from South Africa, Oct. 20). It tells only of grief. In my considered opinion, your correspondents may not be capable of developing a positive view of Africa. News organizations have so conditioned the majority of Westerners about the great magnitude of the problems of Africa that Westerners lose in the process. Recently, when I was negotiating for some merchandise from the U.S., the seller pointedly asked me how I was going to get the goods to Bungoma, Kenya, without roads. This really annoyed me, because in fact the 925 km from Mombasa to Bungoma is spanned by a good road.

I would like to see better coverage of African companies, their performance, their leaders, their failures, and their successes.

David Fredrick Amakobe

Managing Director

Amakobe Investment Co.

Bungoma, Kenya

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