Lukewarm Allies In The Global Warming Crusade

Although I strongly approve of your proposals for combating global warming--through greater efficiency of automobiles, appliances, etc.--I must take issue with some of your premises ("Global warming: Cool heads required," Editorials, Oct. 20).

Executives generally don't want to be challenged by new technology. A welcome exception is British Petroleum Co., which recognizes the validity of the global-warming threat and has committed itself to limiting emissions of greenhouse gases and intends to invest heavily in solar energy. To argue that the U.S. finds it harder than Europe to curb greenhouse gases is truly specious. Europeans are already far more efficient than Americans, who are the energy hogs of the world. With their greater reliance on public transportation, far more fuel-efficient cars, and better insulated homes, they will be much more challenged than the U.S. to implement further reductions in greenhouse gases.

Paul W. Rosenberger

Manhattan Beach, Calif.

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