X File Excesses On Cd Rom

WITH AN ESTIMATED 40 MILlion weekly viewers, The X-Files from Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. is one of the top three drama shows on prime-time TV. There are some 26,000 home pages on the World Wide Web dedicated to the series, which follows two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, as they try to solve crimes involving paranormal phenomena and shadowy government conspiracies. Hoping to capitalize on the X-Files wave is Palladium Interactive, a software maker in Larkspur, Calif.

The X-Fools is a $20 CD-ROM produced by Parroty Interactive, the humor unit of Palladium. The disk features the ultraparanoid musings of two ex-FBI agents, Mulley and Scudder, who believe that the actual X-Files show is really an attempt by extraterrestrials to brainwash unsuspecting viewers. As evidence, the pair present video clips and photos suggesting the alien invasion already has begun. A closeup of Ronald Reagan's neck, for instance, shows a purported topographical map of Mars. X-Fools owners can also go online to share their own conspiracy theories and participate in a trivia contest for prizes.