The Ingrams: A School As Well As A Dynasty

With regard to "Inside a $15 billion dynasty" (People, Sept. 29), it is people and their relationships that help create innovation, creativity, and prosperity, which in return provide profits and longevity.

I would also like to add something that was not mentioned. The Ingrams' company should, in a sense, also be considered a learning institution. As a past employee of Ingram Software (1984-87), I--along with many others, I'm sure--was provided with the knowledge, professional experience, skills, and understanding to manage a successful business. It is these past experiences that one can use to make the best decisions as an entrepreneur.

The Ingrams are living proof that anticipating change and creating a management culture of respect for each other and for their employees are the fundamental factors for success.

C.J. D'Angelo

Corporate Vice-President

Intermark Corp.

Newport Beach, Calif.

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