Pit Your Wits Against Other Cybernauts

It was a clear day for flying. At 15,000 feet, the enemy airfield below resembled an odd patchwork of blocks. But as I lined up my World War II fighter for its first bombing run, I was "jumped" by three defending planes. They had come from above me, with the sun behind them--an old fighter trick to keep hidden until the last moment of attack. Even if I'd been fully prepared for the onslaught, 3-to-1 odds were not good. I dumped the bombs and maneuvered wildly, trying to keep them off my tail as I scooted back to home base. But my plane took several hits and was leaking oil. It looked liked I wasn't going to make it when I heard the radio cry: "Bandits! Twelve o'clock high!" It was a marvelous sight. Four fighters from my side joined the fray and took on my pursuers. The cockpit radio crackled: "We got 'em. Get that bird fixed and rejoin us!" It was going to be a long night--online at Interactive Magic's Warbirds game site.

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