This E Mail Manager Is Multilingual

OFFICE WORKERS SEND OR receive an average of 150 E-mails per day, according to several recent studies. And if you think it's tough keeping up with the deluge of electronic messages now, just wait until your company goes global. Not only will you have to deal with the "urgent" message from your colleagues but you may also have to correspond with a potential customer in Sicily. How will you sort through all this? And what if you don't speak Italian? E Corp., a software maker in Pittsburgh, may have a solution.

The company recently introduced its eMail 97 message-management package. Like other E-mail offerings, such as Eudora Pro, the $60 program helps owners prioritize the electronic messages that come flooding into their computers. Its eTelligence system watches and learns what you do with your E-mail. For example, if you are constantly putting messages from your boss into the "to do" folder, eMail 97 can automatically create a "wizard" to do that for you. Another neat trick: eMail 97 can translate messages in six languages. At the click of a button, English speakers can easily communicate with others in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The translation may not be perfect, since computer translations are notoriously problematic. But eMail 97 could help you woo that customer in Sicily after all.

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