The Gop: Is The Day Of The Hothead Over?

The Republican pols to watch as Gingrich moves to the center

House Speaker Newt Gingrich may have survived a July coup attempt. But the botched effort involving top lieutenants has left his hold on power shaky and sent him seeking solace in the arms of fellow party pragmatists. On Aug. 25 in New Hampshire, he chided "people who would rather sit out there on the right flank and say `Don't do anything, don't agree to anything."' Behind the scenes, a powerful new second string of GOP operatives is emerging--and that signals a shift toward more mainstream Republican policies. These Gingrich loyalists will be moderating forces on the GOP agenda, tempering the right-wing hotheads on everything from environmental regulations to Medicare reform. Here are some of the pols who'll be playing key roles this fall.

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